JLUS Red/Yellow/Green Map

Bid close: 10/17/2012

The Commission Office is accepting responses for proposal from consultants interested in preparing a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Red/Yellow/Green Map for the JLUS Coordinating Committee as described in the proposal solicitation. Responses are due by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. For information on the proposal, please contact Kim Thiel-Schaaf, Commissioners Grant Coordinator or Joe Briggs, County Commissioner at (406) 454-6810.


Malmstrom AFB is located in Cascade County and is adjacent to the community of Great Falls, Montana. It is recognized that the mission at Malmstrom AFB is unique and that it extends far beyond the base's perimeter fence. As such, efforts are currently underway to ensure that encroachment issues do not adversely affect Malmstrom AFB itself or its extensive Missile Complex regardless of in which county the facilities are located.

In October/November of 2008, the Cascade County Commission passed Resolution #08-86 and the City of Great Falls Commission passed Resolution #9799 to undertake a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) in cooperation with Malmstrom AFB and the Department of Defense's Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA).

Technical and Policy Committees were formed during the early months of 2009 to begin development of a funding proposal for the JLUS Study. Ultimately funded in late 2009, the committee then began work on the task of establishing criteria for consultant selection and hire process. This led to the nearly two year process of working on the formalized tasks to complete the Malmstrom AFB JLUS, which was completed in March 2012.

The Malmstrom AFB JLUS was unique at the time due to the fact that it is the first JLUS to ever be conducted for an entire Minuteman III Missile Complex as well as the US Air Force Base associated with the mission. Cascade County as the primary sponsor of the project collaborated with and included membership on the Policy Committee from the City of Great Falls as well as the other six counties within the missile complex. As a result of this process, the Montana Association of Counties (MaCo) now has a Missile County Committee which has been instrumental in recommending policy and legislative changes at a state level as well as ensuring coordination and communication between the missile counties and the Air Force.

On March 28, 2012, the Cascade County Commission passed Resolution 12-23 accepting the JLUS and on May 1, 2012 the City of Great Falls adopted Resolution 9965 which also accepted the JLUS. Since that time, the Cascade County Planning Division has initiated the process to establish a JLUS Coordinating Committee for the purposes of beginning work toward carrying out the recommendations contained in the final JLUS report. It is agreed that not all the counties wish to participate in the full set of recommendations, but the implementation process will work toward continuing the communications and providing tools needed to implement the steps on an individualized basis.

The completed JLUS incorporated a number of recommendations geared at ensuring that continued cooperation and communication with regard to land use planning will enhance the role Malmstrom AFB plays in central Montana while at the same time allowing for the continued growth and prosperity of the region. The JLUS will be a tool to assist state, county, local, and Malmstrom AFB officials in their planning efforts for development of the area immediately surrounding the base and throughout the Missile Complex thus protecting the base and complex from encroachment. The JLUS also encourages well planned growth within the City of Great Falls and Cascade County near the base as well as in the adjoining counties that encompass the Missile Complex.

Many of the JLUS recommendations can be completed with existing staff without consultant support, and in fact, Cascade County and the City of Great Falls have begun to work on carrying out some of the recommendations. It is also the intention of Cascade County as the Grant Sponsor working with the JLUS Coordinating Committee to contract a consultant to provide assistance with developing a red/yellow/green map and incorporating some of the JLUS recommendations into existing growth policy elements.

The following scope of work tasks serve to address several JLUS recommendations through the creation of a Red/Yellow/Green Map and technical language that will be incorporated into updates of the existing Growth Policy in Cascade County.

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